Parenting By Example

We can learn a lot about parenting from animals. Watch this video and you will see what I mean:

Even though this video was about how cute animals are, I could not help thinking how wonderful the big dog was at encouraging the little puppy to try something it thought was too hard. It did not bark, it did not push, it did not show disappointment. It simply let by example. It did not give up when it did not work the first time, or even the first three ties. It kept doing it again and again, until the puppy was confident enough to try it for himself.

Baby and mum sticking tongues outParenting is the same. When we want our kids to do things that they are afraid to do, we need to show them how we do it. Again and again. Without shouting, telling them they are small and unable, calling them names or showing disappointment. We do not even need to push them to do the things they cannot do, do not want to do, or are afraid to do. We need to lead by example. Again and again. Until our kids are confident enough to do it themselves.

Our Happy Parents Raise Happy Kids program explains to parents how to lead by example. It shows them how powerful they can be in helping their kids come down the stairs of life and be successful. In the program, we show parents how easy and liberating it is to lead by example. We let the experience how empowering it is to control their own action and move into a state of “being” a parent. The reason this is so successful is because kids are a bit like monkeys: Monkey see, monkey do.

Just watch this one:

Here is to happy and responsible parenting,