34 Life Lessons I Have Learned

  1. Write a journalI have learned that life is short. You never know when will be the last day of your life. If there is anything you know you will regret not doing or saying, do it or say it now!
  2. I have learned that children are the most precious thing for every mother and father. Dedicate time to your kids. Raising kids does not mean feeding them, sending them to school and doing their laundry. Raising kids is more about loving them and being with them. Spend time with your kids even if they already have kids of their own.
  3. I have learned that writing a journal is a way to keep the memory of who we are. When I keep a journal, I can read it and get to know myself years after I am not that person anymore.
  4. I have learned that whenever I am upset with someone, thinking of a good thing about this person can change my mood instantly.
  5. I have learned that cars are supposed to take us from one place to another. The car can do this if it is coloured red, black or yellow. The speed I drive mostly is determined by the sings on the road and the number of horsepower cannot change that speed.
  6. I have learned that wedding days are not a sign for a happy marriage. Have a date with your partner every week if you want to keep the zest in your relationship.
  7. I have learned that everyone loves to know they are loved. Tell people you love them, every day of your life. Love is contagious. When you love, you get love in return.
  8. I have learned that kids cherish every expression of love from their parents. Write your kids love letters so they can keep them for years to remember how much you loved them.
  9. I have learned that being creative is divine. When people create, they are in peak state, in flow. Find something creative and enjoyable to do and practice being in this divine state. You can draw, cook, grow plants, write, dance, play a musical instrument or sing. Enjoy every moment.
  10. Traveling gives you perspectiveI have learned that happiness is a choice and that in every moment in life, no matter what happens to me, I have a choice to find happiness. Find the things that make you happy and dedicate your life to enjoying them every day.
  11. I have learned that travelling to a new country helped me look at my life in a different way. It made me appreciate what I already had and think of new ways to improve my life. Find new destinations to explore. In every new place, there is the magic of finding perspective.
  12. I have learned that TV takes too much time away from living and that many people allow TV to control their plans. Make sure your TV is a tool to get something you want instead of letting it use you.
  13. I have learned that family dinners are precious. They are a foundation for the communication and relationships between us. Eat together as many meals as you can. If it is technically impossible to do it every day, pick at least some days that are sacred and get every member of the family to plan around them.
  14. I have learned that when I do not sleep enough, my body finds way to take its resting time and more. If I take time from my sleep to do things, I am stealing time from myself. Sleep is your body’s right. Respect it.
  15. I have learned that my parents love me, although they do not say it much and that love can be expressed in different way. I have learned that we do not just need to express our love for others but need to see love in the things others do and say around us. Teach your kids to see love in every expression of support, encouragement, gratitude and appreciation.
  16. I have learned that food is neither good nor bad. Food can be a source of joy and helps build the body and maintain the soul. I have learned that our thoughts about food are far more dangerous than food itself. We do not need most of the food we eat to survive physically. For that we could live on a small bag of fruits and vegetables. We eat for the sense or variety and certainty. Find other ways to satisfy your emotional hungers.
  17. Enough sleep helps you take good care of yourselfI have learned that my diary helps me a lot with my relationships. Using a diary to write my schedule and notes helps to take the load off my mind. I believe that the opposite of forgetting is writing down. Use a diary to remember birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. Remembering someone’s birthdays and special events can bring them closer to your heart.
  18. I have learned that I need to feel comfortable with what I wear and that there is no need to compromise comfort for fashion. Fashion comes and goes. Wear classic clothes that last forever. With a few simple classic clothes, everyone can look great. It is your body image that makes your look great, not the fabric.
  19. I have learned that if the phone rings and I do not answer, nothing will happen. If something horrible has happened, it will not change anyway and if something has happened, I can enjoy it even after I finish dinner with my family. I have learned that when I turn off my mobile phone, I spend more time communicating with people directly, instead of than talking to them through a machine.
  20. I have learned that when people tell me life is not about what I want, they are wrong. Life happens because of our wants. Our desires drive us forward. To help you constantly move forward, make a big wish list every birthday, every year, every anniversary, every holiday and aim to achieve it.
  21. The opposite of forgetting is writing downI have learned that being in nature is a good way to find peace within. I have found out that when I enjoy the beauty of nature, I am full of gratitude and appreciation and that I feel part of this powerful force. Take time to watch the sunset, smell the flowers, walk on the beach and feel the warm sun on your face. Beauty is everywhere.
  22. I have learned that weekends are sacred to us as a family and that I would not mind life with 2 weekdays and 5 days of weekend… I have learned that weekends are there to remind us that we do not live to work but work to live.
  23. I have learned that when I give others my time, my knowledge, my encouragements and my support, I receive more than I give. I get a great feeling of being good, a great feeling of contributing and making a difference in the world and this feeling is priceless. Be kind! “Give and ye shall receive”.
  24. I have learned that I am the most important person in my life and that I need to take care of my interests with pride and the utmost care. I have learned that taking care of myself has nothing to do with being selfish or arrogant and that people who take care of themselves are more assertive, kinder and happier. Take care of yourself, because to yourself, you are the one that matters the most.
  25. I have learned that I need to be myself all the time, because this is the only role I can play properly. Being myself is only a challenge if I allow people around me to tell me who I am. Stay true to who you are. “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”.
  26. Kids and family are my biggest source of joyI have learned that the looking in the mirror is a great way to fall in love with yourself and that if I stay there long enough, I see the person who lives inside of me. When I am happy, I like the woman in the mirror. If I am sad or scared, I do not like her at all. Have an affair with the person in the mirror, tell yourself you love yourself and tell yourself why. Make sure you stay there until you convince the person in the mirror you are honest.
  27. I have learned that being grateful makes me feel abundance. If I focus on what I have in life rather than what is missing, I think I have more (at least I have more happiness). Make a list of all the things you have in life that you are happy about, you appreciate and are grateful for. The bigger the list, the happier and more successful you will be.
  28. I have learned that friends can make a wonderful family and that I have many friends around the world that I have not met yet. Do not be afraid to say goodbye to friends and meet new one. If your friendship is good enough, they will stay your friends even if you are on the other side of the world. If going away makes them give up on your relationship, they were not true friends in the first place. Remember, friendship is not a test. It is love and acceptance at its best.
  29. I have learned that no one is going to write on my grave “She had a clean house”, so I would rather spend my time with the people I love than clean. I have learned that if my house is clean enough for my kids, it is good enough for my guests, so I clean after they go and not before they come.
  30. I have learned that I can tell a lot about my children and what bothers them from listening to the songs they listen to. I have learned that enjoying some of the songs they listen to bring me closer to them and makes them listen to the songs I love and that music can bridge the gap between us.
  31. I have learned that for my 12-year-old son, a 30-year-old man is old (which means I am half way to the grave) and that I should not take it personally, because I probably thought the same when I was his age.
  32. I have learned that when I am angry and upset over someone else’s words or actions, I carry poison in my body and mind. I have learned that being angry is not healthy for me and that I need not punish myself for other people’s actions. Anger is like a virus. It multiplies quickly and moves from person to person. Let it go.
  33. Listen to your teen's musicI have learned that problems do not disappear by themselves (although I would love them too) and that it is best to take care of every problem as soon as it appears. Neglecting problems and waiting for them to go away will only force me to deal with them when they are really big. It is like having a toothache. Notice a problem when it appears, take responsibility and solve it when it is small.
  34. I have learned that crying can sometimes make me feel better for a while but does not change the source of my pain. Cry when you need to, but remember that tears do not make miracles. People do.

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    I have learned that life is good! Instead of stressing over the small things, focus on the great things in your life. Sometimes, when I feel helpless, I remember one good memory I have and my day gets better. Live your life.