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60 Tips for a Happy Marriage

Red flower

A happy marriage is just like a healthy plant. If you give the plant water, sun and air, it blossoms. A marriage requires an equal amount of nurturing if it is to blossom. As much as it is hard to accept, a nice wedding and the good intentions you have to stay together forever are not enough to produce a successful, happy marriage. The excitement and joy that newly-wed couples often experience tend to wear off within the first year of marriage and so, if you want to celebrate your 50th anniversary with your partner one day, you both need to make a conscious decision to "water" your relationship. To reach such as stage is a wonderful thing. The thought of reaching our 50th anniversary means more to me now than ever before, because my mom and dad just recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. I am so happy for them, and even more determined now to do the same.

When I coach couples on the verge of divorce, I find that generally, each individual is not happy within himself or herself and so their attempts to make each other happy are futile, because being happy as an individual is the first step.

As I have written many times on this blog, in newsletters and said in workshops, for any relationship to be happy, first each party must learn how to be happy individually.

I recommend to all couples that come to me for coaching that they create and then share a list of 50 things that make each one of them happy. It is quite incredible to see just how surprised most of them are when they read their partner's list. Most times, many of the items on the list are simple, cheap and even free. Without fail, the reaction I always get is, "It is so easy to make my partner happy, if only I had known earlier…"

Life is much easier when you know the things that make you and your partner happy. Here is a list of 30 things husbands can do to make their wives happy and 30 things wives can do to make their husbands happy. Please remember, the list here is just a start. It is also a bit stereotypical, so feel free to swap items with your partner and do what works for you.

30 ways to keep her happy

  1. Happy womanSMS her some love during the day.
  2. Help her fill in her 12-hugs-a-day tank with lots of hugs (and kisses).
  3. Cook dinner from time to time. Husbands who cook have happier marriages.
  4. Stay and help while cleaning up after meals. Many couples fight over cleaning up. If you do it together, it will take half the time, become part of your quality time and then leave more time for romance.
  5. Find a loving nickname for her.
  6. Say "I love you" when you meet and when you say good-bye.
  7. Mark special dates on your calendar. There are not that many dates to remember: mainly her birthday and your wedding anniversary. But if you really want to be a super husband, remember the date that you first became a couple.
  8. Take the kids out on your own from time to time to give her some space. It can be as simple as offering some time off on the weekend to allow her to sleep in a little bit longer, or as easy as organizing an evening out with the kids.
  9. When she is upset, listen to her but do not try to give advice (unless she asks for it).
  10. Tell her how much you love to touch and smell her.
  11. Invite her to a movie or a restaurant like you would have if you were dating.
  12. Write her love notes and put them in places where she would not expect to find them, like inside the laundry basket, on the mirror in the bathroom, inside her wallet or on the visor in her car.
  13. Shower the kids or read them a story. I have to say that having watched my husband doing these things for many years with our children makes me love him more and more everyday. It is such a simple, beautiful thing to see father and kids reading a story together, that it makes the entire family happy.
  14. Offer some technical help if she is struggling with remotes, computers or electrical wiring.
  15. Say something nice about her choice in clothes.
  16. Bring her flowers.
  17. Give her a massage.
  18. You are strong and manly. Take the garbage out.
  19. Bring home dinner from time to time as a surprise. Try not to do this if she has already prepared a dinner. It is always better to check first and make sure the dinner is not all ready yet.
  20. Tell her "I trust you to…" Any positive ending to this sentence works miracles in any relationship. Count how many times you say this phrase during your relationship and I am sure you will find it much easier to spend many happy years together.
  21. Give her a kiss for no reason. Kiss for the love of kissing. Kiss in the morning and remember to always, always, always kiss at night before you fall asleep, even (especially) if you have just had a fight.
  22. Stay cool when she is having a long phone conversation with her girlfriend, mom or sister. These phone calls are a way for her to work things out and get emotional support. They are good for you…
  23. Bring home a sexy movie from the video shop to watch together.
  24. Learn how to use the washing machine and use it without being asked.
  25. Go shopping with her if she asks you to. Consider this quality time. You can do the grocery shopping while you talk together about your plans and dreams.
  26. Clean the toilet from time to time.
  27. Bring her small gifts.
  28. Hold her hand even when there are people around. It is a public display of affection and this is important to her.
  29. Initiate weekends away.
  30. Keep a photo of her in your wallet.

30 ways to keep him happy

  1. Happy manGive him some time to watch his favorite TV show (OK, shows).
  2. Invite his friends over for a BBQ.
  3. Tell him how much you love the way he touches you.
  4. Have dinner ready when he comes home from work. Add candles even if there are kids sitting at the table. It is good for them to watch mom and dad expressing their love.
  5. Call him during the day and whisper loving things into the phone.
  6. Offer him his favorite drink.
  7. Tell him how much you love him. Say "I love you" when you meet and when you say good-bye, even on the phone.
  8. Ask him about his day and listen.
  9. When you go shopping, ask him if he wants you to get him something.
  10. Do not tell him he is a baby when he is sick and has "man cold" (the kind of cold that, if you were to have, would make you feel a bit off, but could easily kill him…). Grown men need attention and being sick is their way of getting it when nothing else seems to work.
  11. Tell him he is right sometimes.
  12. Buy yourself a sexy outfit. It will make your husband very happy. You are actually buying it as a present for him, as he is the one who will ultimately take it off.
  13. Give him a massage.
  14. Tell him he smells good.
  15. Make him his favorite dish and remember to tell him that you chose the dish especially for him.
  16. Wash his car as a surprise (or get the kids to do it for a double bonus).
  17. If he is busy and has to miss a TV show that he likes, record it for him.
  18. Tell him how much you appreciate his efforts to come home early, to spend time with the kids, to help, etc.
  19. Ask him, "Is there anything I can do to help?"
  20. Go shopping with him if he wants you to.
  21. Get him his favorite after-shave before his old bottle runs out.
  22. Smile.
  23. Suggest from time to time that he go out with his friends.
  24. Keep his photo in your wallet.
  25. Make a genuine effort to get along with his mom.
  26. Put his trophies in a prominent place and proudly show them to visitors.
  27. Send him loving, suggestive emails.
  28. Tell him he is the best dad to your kids, more than you could ever ask for.
  29. Touch him from time to time. When he is busy, just walk up to him and run your fingers through his hair.
  30. Prepare his lunch box for the day.

Newly-wed couple on beach

As you can see, there are probably as many items that can be added to these lists as there are couples in the world. Each one of us has different desires and expectations of a relationship. It is easier to obtain your desired life if the other party also helps work to make the marriage a happy one. The longer the list of things you have that you can do to make your partner happy, the longer your marriage will be. These lists are just the beginning. Make your own lists and start making your marriage a happy and fulfilling one.

Lots of love,

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  • http://www.reachingmypotential.com Tracy Crowe

    I certainly agree that if there is to be a happy marriage, each individual must be happy with himself. If you don't love yourself, then how can you love someone else? I beleive that most people probably don't really know what would make them happy, so making a list, and then sharing it and comparing it with your mate would be a useful exersise. I would have appreciated this advice when I was married. I would have learned a lot about my husband and what made him tick. I also think that it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you are responsible for your mate's happiness, or that he's responsible for yours. Ultimately, each person must take responsibility for themselves and their own happiness.

  • http://go-get-guys.com/ Avis Bailee

    In my Opinion Best Answers are:
    Be best friends
    Do things together but not all the time.
    Each of you should have other friends, too
    Unconditional love
    Don't ever mention her weight. If she has gained, she knows it.
    Don't cheat
    Smile and have fun together

  • http://www.behappyinlife.com/ Ronit Baras

    Hi Tracy,

    I hear that a lot. The first time I had to make my happy list it was not easy. When I looked at Gal's list it was funny, he seemed so easy to make happy. He said the same thing about my list.
    I guess the most important comment was that we can not really make others happy, they need to do that themselves. I agree! 100% agree.
    This is what I write in all my Be Happy in life site. You can read some here

    Thank you for visiting my site.

  • http://www.behappyinlife.com/ Ronit Baras

    Hi Avis,

    I like your list. Thank you for sharing your list with us.
    To avoid pink elephants:
    I would write:
    Be accepting of any weight/ shape/ figure and remember it is what is inside that matters.
    Be loyal.

    Thank you for visiting the site.
    Come again.
    Happy relationships


  • Regina

    Please email me this article, i need it for reference

  • http://www.savemymarriagetools.com Save My Marriage

    Communication is the key. Be friends with your partner and share all your desires. Make your partner a part of your secrets zone and make him/her feel special.

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/index.php/about/ Ronit Baras


    you an always come here again.


    The Motivational Speaker

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/index.php/about/ Ronit Baras

    HI Jaison,

    I think communication is the key.
    most couple agree on this.
    They disagree on what does it mean and what is the right way.

    Thanks for the tips.

    The Motivational Speaker

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  • Kully

    Hi - these as tre exactly all the things I require from my husband to fix our marriage since he cheated on me and if I am to continue with this relationship I need him to show me the things I have been asking for and he just doesnt get it. Have told him to check this website out so hopefully he get the message now. I am sooo glad these tips are on here. I started to doubt if I was asking too much wanting these things in my life - but here they are and it makes sense for a happy marriage. Many thanks Ronit - this site is much appreciated. Sorry for babbling on ...

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/index.php/about/ Ronit Baras

    HI Kully,

    Marriage can only work if things are done together.
    If one person needs to fix it you take the risk of changing it to something worst.
    It is sad to hear that your husband cheated on you. I am sure that what happens after cheating is that the level of trust is low and you both need to build the trust again. My mum says it takes long time to milk a cow and seconds to kick the bucket and spill the milk - I think trust is the same.
    I am glad the tips are helpful.
    You can print it and share it with him and try to pick some for yourself too.

    Happy day Kully,

  • Jennifer

    Hi, I really enjoyed reading this and I feel like I try to do the things you suggested doing and when I tell my husband to he does these things. He doesn't do them without asking and I have talked to him about them before and tried to express that these are the things I do need to feel special and he says that this just isn't who he is. The problem is, he was married once before and I came across pictures of her in his cell phone even when we got together that he used to carry with him all the time. He picked their wedding song, he kept her picture with him. I don't bring this up to compare just to point out that it obviously IS in him to do these things. Do you have any advice for me? What else can I do to make him understand where I'm coming from? I've tried gently, I've tried angerily (sp) and I've tried everything and I feel like he just doesn't care or maybe he doesn't feel for me what he once did for someone else. Maybe that hurt him so badly that he doesn't want to open up. I just need help. Can you help? Can you suggest where I go for help? This isn't about me needing to feel special or princessy it's about the work to keep us in love and the fear that resentment will build up over these things if I just let them go. Am I wrong? I can handle it if you think so. I will believe anything to save to feelings at this point.

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/index.php/about/ Ronit Baras

    Hi Jennifer,

    understanding what you need is one thing and making someone else to give you what you need is a bit more challenging. I agree!

    Every relationship is different and comparing is not a healthy act and will only get you into trouble and heartache.

    My suggestion for you is to find your own uniqueness, be good at something, have a life and learn to appreciate yourself. If your husband can't give you it only means he doesn't have enough. Do not be angry at him, forgive him.

    As life coach, I believe in the power of personal development.
    I would recommend you to find a life coach that can help you find confidence and your strength. We all need to feel special. there is nothing wrong with it, I think it is a need and it is natural to expect that your husband thinks you are special ( which I am sure he does in his way). Working on your relationships is important, always and I think you need to tell him that relationships is like a plant, you have to water it and take into consideration the weather.

    No, I don't think you are wrong. I think you are right that it is better to do things now before you loose what you have between you.

    Be Happy

  • http://www.hghworks.com/ Kim

    Again great list Ronit (Actually i think i'd need to spend whole my weekend reading popular posts section, worth it.) the basic principle is "respect each other" in every way for happy marriage life.

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/index.php/about/ Ronit Baras


    Respecting self and others may save lots of marriages.


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  • Dixie_sajuela

    just only two thing..with the man i marry for 10 years..is that i truly love him..and he too on me..that brings us closer together..because never a day we never said "i love you"..and "i miss you..for us its a key to good marriage..

  • Dixie_sajuela

    just only two thing..with the man i marry for 10 years..is that i truly love him..and he too on me..that brings us closer together..because never a day we never said "i love you"..and "i miss you..for us its a key to good marriage..

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras

    Save my Marriage,

    I agree.
    Communication is the key.


  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras

    Hi Kully,

    After cheating, both need to work together to better the relationship.
    I am glad you find the tips useful.
    I hope your husband find them useful too.
    I recommend reading the whole series

    Good luck

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras

    HI Dixie,

    It is a good idea to say I love you and miss you every time we say good bye and meet.
    We have a rule that we hug and kiss every time we meet and say good bye.

  • Trouble Alexia

    Jennifer, you do it all wrong; sorry but true; get time for yourself and get perspective; don't be always there, do your things, take your own time, be you before being ''we''; stop living thru him; shortly pay with same coin if you want change of interests. Go shopping long hours, go with your friends; never say all what u have done, keep some mystery :-). Men are hunters, when they got it they lose interest so don't let him get you, keep him on chase. It is never too late to make things right. Forget about his ex, dont u even think about her; will only torture yourself and put your self esteem low. He choose you for some reason, remember what it were and get back to yourself. 

  • Mona Sharma3194

    Again great list Ronit (Actually i think i'd need to spend whole my weekend reading popular posts section, worth it.) the basic principle is "respect each other" in every way for happy marriage life

  • Neerajpandit82

    Hi, I really enjoyed reading this and I feel like I try to do the things you suggested doing and when I tell my husband to he does these things. He doesn't do them without asking and I have talked to him about them before and tried to express that these are the things I do need to feel special and he says that this just isn't who he is. The problem is, he was married once before and I came across pictures of her in his cell phone even when we got together that he used to carry with him all the time. He picked their wedding song, he kept her picture with him. I don't bring this up to compare just to point out that it obviously IS in him to do these things. Do you have any advice for me? What else can I do to make him understand where I'm coming from? I've tried gently, I've tried angerily (sp) and I've tried everything and I feel like he just doesn't care or maybe he doesn't feel for me what he once did for someone else. Maybe that hurt him so badly that he doesn't want to open up. I just need help. Can you help? Can you suggest where I go for help? This isn't about me needing to feel special or princessy it's about the work to keep us in love and the fear that resentment will build up over these things if I just let them go. Am I wrong? I can handle it if you think so. I will believe anything to save to feelings at this point.

  • Baskarkiruthiga

    its help me a lot... thank u...

  • Baskarkiruthiga

    its help me a lot... thank u...

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras

    I am glad it did. 

    Come again, there are more articles about marriage coming soon.

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras

    Hi Tracy, 

    I hope this will help with new relationships. 
    we do the best we can with what we know - Now you know other tricks and you can use them with your new relationship. 
    When we love ourselves - it is the greatest love of all. 


  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras

    Hi Avis, 

    I loved your tips. 
    So simple, so easy to follow. 
    I hope many people read the comments. 


  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras

    Some people find it harder to get over the previous relationship, especially if they were not the one to break up. 
    Give him time. 
    Remember, he is with you! NOt with her! it says something. 
    It is not a competition. She will always be there and the more you will accept her, the easier it will be to overcome here. 

    One of my client married her boyfriend when she was 19. They had a child together and she decided that it was not the smartest thing in the world and she asked him to divorce. It was done in such a mature way that when he got married again, she became his new wife's best friend. Think about it, it makes so much sense. One day I talked to her and she said to me " I'm babysitting tonight" Her son was about 12 , stayed with mummy and she was babysitting her ex and best friends' children. 
    I admired her for it. She was so loving. 
    I admire his new wife. she was so accepting of his ex that they have become best friend because they had something in common - a husband and step children. 
    It can happen! 

    Give him time. 
    Don't say anything bad about her. 


  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras

    Respect is a key to every relationship

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras

    I think it is a great tip. 
    make sure you say "I love you" every day !


  • Hardy1511

    I've ask my husband of 7 years to think of something romantic to do for me but he has no clue. I would like him to plan something romantic that would come from his heart. I feel like if I tell him what to do then he would just be doing it because I told him. Am I wrong for not telling him what to do? 

  • http://www.get-business-online.com/ Gal Baras

    As a digital person (search for "communication styles" on this site for more), I can tell you that imagining is tough for some people. Imagining on behalf of someone else is impossible. There are just too many options and variables.

    If your husband is anything like me, give him a break and gently guide him towards what you want. He will be thankful that you've saved him from having to make a decision without enough information. Actually, he may be a lot more romantic DURING your time together without having to plan it.

    You could also ask him what "romantic" means to him. Maybe it's not the same thing as it is for you. Candles do nothing for me, but I love incense. I like to talk, but for Ronit, it's enough to be in the same room.

    Remember, nobody is ever wrong. People are just different.

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras


     I can understand your point of view mainly because I am the same. I used to say similar things to Gal. "If I tell you what to do it won't mean as much when you do that". I think I was a bit cruel to myself and to him because he honestly could not read my mind. 
    I think you can find a solution for this.
    I give this activity to all my client doing relationship coaching and it works like magic. 
    You both need to write 10 things that if your partner will do, they will make you very, very very happy and swap lists. 
    Make sure the list is not vague like " romantic" as what's romantic for you is not what is romantic for him and it is OK. Your definition is not THE right definition. Be specific about that.
    Sometimes when you look at the list, you are shocked at how easy it is to make your partner happy. 

    Gal and I are together for 31 years and our lists changes from time to time and we still need them. It takes a lot of pressure from both of you. No need to guess what the other person wants. 

    Tell us how it went. 


  • Tanudesai12

    My Husband is not more romantic as I expect from Him. After 3 years of marriage he is behaving just like friend not like boyfriend(husband). Sometime i m getting bored or feel nervous then he never hugs me or talk to me abt my feelings.. In short i want to ask u that is all husband behaving like this after 3-4 years

  • ajmery

    nice and wonderfull..

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  • Chiquita Cosby

    no, women plan and take time to come up with things romantic,then men should also.

  • Icy

    your writing is very wonderful and interesting. I loved it!... You make me realize that a happy marriage seem easy but it need more and more water, and esp my kindness.

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras


    Thanks, come again. 

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras


    I am happy you feel like that. 
    Kindness is the my idea of cure for any conflict. 


  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras

    I agree! 

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras

    I can't tall you about all husbands, mine didn't. 
    Maybe you can both go and see the movie "Crazy, stupid, love" 
    It is a good reminder of why we need to invest in relationships and not take it for granted. 


  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras


    You are not wrong but very cruel to yourself. 
    I came up with a good activity that I ask all my clients to do in their relationship coaching program. They need to give each other a list of " what you can do to make me happy" 
    You will be surprised to read his list. 
    He will be surprised to read yours

    We live in a society that is not very kind to boys and some of them grow to be men that do not express feelings and afraid to be perceived as weak. Forgive him. He did not choose in which era to be born. 


  • Gail

    This might be a bit late to reply to you ( a year after all) but since you sound so much like me I thought maybe it's not too late after all...:)
    My husband was married before as well and also had gifts, little hearts and all those "romantic things" that he did/carried for his ex. He also planned lots of huge surprises for her while they were together and was very jealous of her with other guys. It used to really annoy me in the beginning because he never did those things for me. But here's where I was wrong - I was comparing. The relationship he had with her ended. It did not work. He learned a lot and matured a lot and instead of doing all those "romantic gestures" our society teaches us we need, he's actually way more mature and hones. He's also a very loving and caring husband and a great father to his kids. If you take the time to figure out why you married him in the first place and what is really important to you in your marriage (and not the things you think you need to prove to yourself you're better than her or he loves you more than he loved her - he is with you after all, not her) then maybe you'll see that you're happy with what he does already or there's something that he can do for you that he feels comfortable enough doing.
    And like Ronit said - you should be happy with yourself first before you expect someone else to make you happy. Best of luck to you both!

  • Kristinesaavedra

    weve been together for almost 7 years ,2years in married life but it was not a good and happy marrage ive expected,he cheated on me on our first baby i never tot he will have a 3rd party i tot having our first baby will help are relationship strong but i am very much upset and frustrated that i already know that he marry  other woman without knowing anything about them even my brother in law didnt even say anything i was so blind and down,now i really dont know what to do but instead to cry and to feel hopeless

  • peter

    pls l need help my wife talk too much and this is problem and cant forget somethings at all what you did in 5years ago it will get it out someday and everytime you have problem she will say l 'am ture with the marriage

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras

    Thank you Gail! 
    Never too late. 

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras

    Read the comments and other people's suggestions. 

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras

    kids never fix a broken marriage. 
    All you can do now is move on!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras

    Talking too much can be a communication style problem. 
    Where do you live? 
    please visit: 

  • Seunadekola

    my husband complains a lot that i am not romantic  i mean too dull in bed despite of all his effort to get me arroused
     also he complains about my inability to participate which i dont actually know the method

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras

    What a shame. 
    That is really not something we can present to you. 
    How about search the internet for porn movies to see methods. There are more sex sites than anything else on the internet and they can be educational. 

  • David T

    Do your part as wife and it will reciprocate back by doing his part as a husband, but don't give up quickly. If this did not work, which very unlikely maybe you are not relaying the right message of how you want to be pleased.

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras

    HI David, 

    I think maybe this is the problem that not everyone understand what is the "wife's part" and the "husband's part" 

  • Preetaadvik

    hi ronit I ve seen ur site today,its gr8 v hv been married since 7 yrs v luv each other very much bt my husband stop discussing ny matter vth me nd stop expressing luv also, he had so many mood swings dat I m just stuck to figure out wats d matter nd reason I m just going mad day by day bt wen he is cool he start behaving as nothing ever happend I m always in confuse state wats nd y its going on help me pls

  • Loveake9

    Ok i need really good and usefull ideas im getting really tired of being alone in my marriage. Me and my husband met under the influence of passion and excitement. After 9 yrs of troubled marriage with fighting and a 5 yr old child and a cheat on my behalf its dead . We have no communication,love,sex life,understanding ,trust,mutual decisions,friendship,intimacy,quality time,appreciation,activities, sharing with eachother. If i put the logic in all i wrote i should divorce by now but the hard thing is i love this guy i wanna make it work he is just too ignoarant and things are making me depressed i try my best to keep him happy in all ways but hey im only human and i need a hug from time to time and someone to talk to besides who will take the kid from school!! Please help

  • http://www.facebook.com/victor.mandel.7 Victor Mandel

    My wife and I split up over two years ago, and I have tried many different spells from almost every place locally as well as online and none of them worked. I had almost given up hope until I found this man [email protected] on line.how he helped many people to get back their lover so I ordered a reunite love spell to help my ex wife forgive me for the mistakes that I made with an old girl friend. I also purchased a marriage spell so that we could get married again. I was floored that both spells worked within 3days.
    victor Mandel

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras


    How about you search the internet for some sex videos and suggestions for the methods and ways to be aroused.
    Intimacy is very important in any couples' life and both of you should enjoy it.
    Though, I never found complaining to be a good way to sort things like that.

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras


    That sounds like you went though tough period.

    How about you start dating again, get to know each other.

    Both of you need some coaching to find the passion back and you both need to want to make it work.

    If one is working on the relationship, this one is going to burn out.

    Sit down.

    Talk to each other

    Tell him you love him and that you want to make it work.

    If you want to save lots of mental stress and money, find a good relationship coach and make it happen.

  • http://www.ronitbaras.com/ ronitbaras


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